Monday, July 20, 2009

Raindrops keep falling on my head..

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Ever wonder why raindrops come in different sizes? No....? Neither have I.

But - some people have thought of this delightful question. And, they now know the answer.

My first reaction was that raindrops would come together and break apart as they fly down towards the Earth. Turns out - I could also get a PhD in raindrop shape and behavior.

It is more complicated than just breaking up and combining. As those little raindrops fall towards the ground, they open like a parachute. When their little parachute bursts - they shatter into tiny pieces of all different sizes.

Sometimes science seems useless, and sometimes it is. But, in this case, understanding raindrop formation is important because they made some really cool pictures, got to stand in the rain for the sake of research, and most importantly - looked into fluid dynamics and behavior in air resistance.

I'd love to demonstrate my new appreciation for this research.... but... its sunny today.

-- Torah Kachur

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