Monday, March 1, 2010

Let's get dirty

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We all did it as kids.... Admit it... we all dared our younger siblings to eat dirt. And, with enough double-dog-dares...they usually did.

But now, even toddlers are learning that the word 'dirty' applies to escalator railings, sink handles and door knobs. Helicopter-parents are telling their children not to touch this, or that, don't put that in your mouth, wash your hands...

When they should be saying "Eat Dirt...please"

Dirt and germs are good for you. Exposure to bacteria early in life is essential to developing a strong immune system. Keeping a sterile environment for you or your children is probably doing you way worse, than good.

Your immune system has a memory, the more germs it is exposed to early in life allow it to 'remember' these pathogens...

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--Torah Kachur

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